Get the Answers With a One-Hour,
Live Astrology Reading!

What’s coming up for you this year and beyond?

The planets are continually on the move. Get clarity - sign up for a one hour birthchart reading! Find out the most fortunate times for you to best move forward. Find out:

  • The best time to start projects and/or make major changes
  • Fortunate times to commit in a love or business relationship
  • Financial tips that can help you reach goals more quickly
  • The best periods to find a new direction in your life/career

Astrobabe ... accepting new clients

Are you ready to know more than what you read
in those newspaper and magazine horoscopes?

Would you like to receive guidance about your

Wondering if it’s going to work out with that new GUY or GIRL?

Curious about what is gonna happen NEXT?

Astrobabe: to the rescue.

Professional astro profile readings
and compatibility readings!

Get the REAL story about you,
or you AND a loved one together.

Find out: Is it just HOT STUFF or a love that can last?

What should I be doing for work? Will I get a CAREER break soon?

What you get:

  • A detailed, one hour, live interpretation of your birth chart
  • The chart's glyphs, houses and aspects explained in simple language
  • Special focus and guidance on any particular issue(s) you'd like
  • A color copy of your detailed astro chart with complete aspectarian sent to your personal e-mail address

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Cost is $195.

Sessions with Laura are available most weeks and days/times are flexible.

Please email me at : to schedule.

Pay Now:

Your payment indicates understanding of and agreement with Astrobabe's cancellation policy as well as your being at least 18 years old. 24 hours notice for cancellation is required, otherwise you will be charged the full amount. Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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